Turn your VR system into the ultimate game console

Compatible with Oculus SDK and Steam VR

No need for external controllers/hardware or additional software/patches

Play any controller compatible PC game in VR

Grab the wheel

Brace for Updates/DLCs

Coming soon on these platforms

Frequently asked questions

So what is this game about ?

It is a VR game that emualtes gamepad inputs through virtual interaction interfaces (buttons/UI/Gamepads/Steering Wheels/yokes and other game specific rigs) that we call Virtual Rigs, that uses OpenXR supporting Oculus SDK and SteamVR for a maximum compatibility with VR headsets, and that allows the users to play non VR, controller supporting PC games in VR using VR controllers (instead of Xbox controllers for example) which means it does not require extra hardware or game specific patches for it to function.
In a nutshell it theoretically transforms any VR system (even the most modest as it was tested with a 6GB gtx 1060) into the ultimate virtual game console.

How do i launch it on Steam ?

Launch Steam, preferrably set Steam as your default OpenXR environment in the Steam Menu, then launch PVR

Why are my Steam games launched in theatre mode and replace PVR ?

It is an option that is enabled by default on Steam, disable Desktop Game Theater mode by going in Steam to Settings, In-game and uncheck the “Use Desktop Game theater mode” option.

How do i launch it on Oculus ?

Launch the Oculus Desktop app, preferrably set Oculus SDK as the default OpenXR environmen, do not launch SteamVR, then launch PVR.

why does the game ask me to reboot my PC ?

PVR has installed through Steam a Redist package that may require you to reboot your PC for the initial use, this operation only happens on the first installation of the game and will not happen on subsequent launches.

Can i play VR games with this product ?

No, you can only play non VR games with PVR, as you cannot launch two VR games at the same time.

Why is the PVR game screen is replaced when i launch the game i want to play ?

Some games support VR, and launch in VR mode when a headset is detected, as two VR games cannot be launched at the same time, the latter will replace PVR, preferrably launch the game in Desktop mode prior to launching PVR in VR mode.

Why is PVR stuttering at launch ?

Some systems experience a temporary drop in framerate for a few seconds when a virtual controller is connected, this only lasts a few seconds during which you can also remove the headset then put it back on.